Shaped Vinyl

The perfect eyecatcher – the special shaped record

Especially in the fields of Rockmusic, Rap and elctronic music the shaped vinyl record is a favourit product, which is more stand out from standard vinyl records. The so called Picture Discs are pretty known, where you have transparent material pressed around a printed picture. Also common is coloured and/or transparent PVC. These record are often released in limited editions with a high collector’s value. Another variation with a special look are the Shaped Vinyls. Contrary to usually formed records they are not round, but can be shaped in most exceptional forms (which concerns only to the outer shape – the audio signal is recorded in the usual spiral form). This unique Quality is often used to combine photo/graphic and form: a photo, may be a portrait of a star, a guitar, a heart, the whole body or band pictures, is not getting reduced to the round form – rather it will be sawed out of the vinyl record. A maximum area in the inner circle contains the spiral groove.

Our Services | Shaped Vinyl

  • Laser of unusual shapes
  • Shaped Vinyl also with colour or as Picture-Vinyl
  • 7 Inch- 10 Inch- 12 Inch- Shaped Vinyl

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