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In our studio we have the advantage of combining analog with digital tech tools for getting the best results out of the Vinyl Mastering. Our Audio Mastering services offer the complete spectrum of all parts which you need for the finishing of your recordings. Our sound engineers and experts in recording and editing, experienced in the range from Pre-Mastering to modern Surround-processings, guarantee the best results. If You decide to use our mastering services we would like to offer You a free no obligation consultation for your individual project requirements.

Our Audio Studio Services:

  • Pre-Mastering for CD and Vinyl Production
  • Sound Editing and Optimizing
  • Voice Recordings
  • Surround-Mix
  • Format Converting
  • Multichannelformates
  • Copy Protection Implementation
  • Album- and Single-Production

Audio Mastering

After many years of experience in producing analog and digital audio media we can refer on a wide variety of possibilities in mastering processes. It’s our job to bring out a master, optimized on all relevant aspects. Loudness levelling, frequency response corrections, cutting, special crossfade proceedings by building a playlist on the Pre-Master, title dissection and cutbacks are our daily challenges. Moreover, we offer also noise reduction, restauration, level limiting, music edits and a lot more. The requirements of the reproduction of audio products has increased in this digital age through highly technological perfect reproduction capabilities. Perfect sound and cuts have become standard in every music production. As a result the Pre-Mastering has become more important. Here the music production gets the final touch before it goes to the industrial copying and ready for sale packaging.


Don’t hesitate to ask! Please call us or get in contact via mail. We look forward to see you.

What’s happening in the Audio Pre-Mastering?

During the Audio Pre-Mastering on one hand the music data will be prepared for the industrial production process, on the other hand in this stage it is possible to have the final operations on the material, if You wish or if it is needed. A lot of customers of our Sound Station-Studio also use the option to be live on site for this equally sensitive and important process. Old Vinyl and Schellack recordings: de-clic and de-crackle – one of our favourites. So historical recordings will be a pleasure again. Music Cassettes, recorded even under adverse conditions, or dictaphone-recordings we can free from any distracting ambient noise and make hidden details audible again! This is possible with a professional soft- and hardware setup as well as an adequate know-how of our technicians.


Make an appointment with us, if You want to join the Mastering process. Otherwise send us Your tapes and data. We will get back to You, after checking the material, with a time schedule and a cost planning. If You wish we are pleased to demonstrate you a sample of our work on an excerpt of Your material without obligation.