Vinyl Pressing

Lacquere Disc Cutting | The classic way of vinyl record production

The traditional way of making a record is the Lacquere Disc Cutting method. At first the mastered recordings will be cutted with a heated, so called cutgraver into the lacquere of a foil. After that the lacquere plate gets coated with silver for making it electrically conductive. In the following the plate gets galvanized with Copper or Nickel and detached from the foil. So You’ll get in this way a Negativ, called „Father“. From that Negativ form several Positives, the „Mothers“, are made in subsequent galvanic proceedings. After the acoustic and optical controlling of the „Mothers“ the actual pressing matrices, the „Sons“, will be made. The last step of this vinyl production method is the Chromium coating. The Chrome layer gives the vinyl to be pressed more shelf life and high-gloss quality.

Here You have more informations: Vinyl pressing in lacquere cutting

Direct Metal Mastering | The faster vinyl pressing

This method, the so-called DMM (Direkt Metal Mastering), is a technique, that was developed in the early 80’s. It misses the step of making a „Father“ by doing the cut directly into the copper layer. From this form the „Sons“ will be directly taken. Since this method has a few steps compared with the lacquere cutting, this technique has several advantages: saving time, minimized errors and lower audio distortion. Although the durability is not so long through a lower depth of the record grooves. Furthermore, contrary to the lacquere cut, the recordings are possible only in a lower loudness level.

Here You can find more information: Vinyl pressing in Direct Metal Mastering (DMM)

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  • Grammatur: 140g/qm standard, heavy vinyl 180g/qm
  • 1-4- coloured labels
  • Endless groove
  • Production of 7 Inch-, 10 Inch-, 12 Inch- Vinyl

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